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If you and your business want to remain competitive in today’s online marketing then you must be aware of rapidly evolving changes in digital marketing.

Some of the digital marketing techniques like Content Marketing, Social Media Stories, Browser push notifications, Video Marketing, Chatbox, etc we all are aware of. Today, we are going to discuss some trending digital techniques that are going to be a boon for your business.

Conversational Marketing
Conversational marketing facilitates one to one connection between customers and marketers. This way through different channels, marketers are able to meet their customers on their terms.

Influencer Marketing
Through influencer marketing marketers focus on key leaders to brand their services and products to a larger market. Influencers are well-known celebrities like Instagram or Youtube personalities.
Visual Search and Smart Speakers
In visual search, one can upload the pics for the query they have and then they can find the more specific results. For different applications there are different visual lenses like for Pinterest there is Pinterest Lens, Google Lens for Google, CamFind for mobile apps and bing visual search of bing.

Augmented Reality
According to experts, the augmented reality is going to be more advanced in the future as compared to virtual reality. With AR customers will be able to see what type of product best suits for them. Like On Nyka one can see what type of lipstick will suit on your face and on IKEA one can see what type of furniture will be good for their room.

Programmatic Advertising
In Programmatic Advertising, we use Artificial intelligence to automate the ad process. Through programmatic advertising, you can target a more specific audience for your business niche..This process is more effective and fast thus lets you achieve more conversions and lower customer acquisition rates.

So here you have the most trending digital marketing techniques that are going to boost your business and brand. For every digital marketer change is an integral part of the job. You must keep grabbing these changes and be the part of merging new technologies.

Stay connected and stay updated.