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Have you ever tried Google Assistance, to search your queries on the internet or have you ever talked with Alexa? I used to do it and it is really awesome. My first voice search over Google Assistance was “hello Google how are you?”

And, the reply was “I’ve had an exciting day looking up some fun thing to do, how may I help”. I was like Oh wow! It’s amazing. After that, I started asking more and more question and received interesting replies. It was really fun for me. Don’t think that I am crazy, but it is really cool, everyone should try it.

As per the research and surveys number of voices, searches are about expanding and it is predicted that in upcoming years 20 to 50 % of searches will be voice-initiated. Therefore the trend in Digital Marketing has been changed. So, it is really important to also do SEO for voice-based searches. Here, In this article, I am sharing some tips and tricks to optimize your content.

Some Tips For Digital Marketing Experts To Optimizing Website For Voice Search Assistant.

SEO for voice searches is still focused on ‘keywords’ but now we need to find out these Keywords embedded with natural language so that relevant result should be shown to the users. Instead of “Best digital marketing company in Canada” searcher using voice search to ask “what/which is the best digital marketing company in India” so marketers need to structure content with the natural – language because question always asked from VSA which begin with who, what, where, which, why and how. Now you can see the difference between voice search keywords and the traditional pattern of keywords. What all you need is to think like a user and this is the perfect ‘mantra’ to find the right keywords, make predictions what could user say while doing a voice search. Let’s discuss some quick strategies you need to follow while optimizing your content for voice searches and Virtual Assistants.

  • Focus More On Long Tail Keywords

Imagine if you are doing a voice search for looking out best barbeque in your surrounding area, How you will initiate the search? If I were at your place, I will do it as “ which is the best barbeque restaurant in my surrounding location?” you can notice here that most of the searches start from Interrogating words – What, why, where, which etc. and the words in voice search are greater than the text searches. Hence, we need to focus on Long tail keywords.There are various types of keywords. If you want to know more about them then please refer to this article Digital Marketing: What Is Keyword And Its Different Types.

  • Make Strong Command On Basic SEO Principles

Voice searches are not much different from text searches. And, moreover in both the cases search results will remain the same because the result should satisfy the user intent. If you are going to optimize the voice searches then make your basic SEO principles clear in your mind. There isn’t a separate index for voice searches, so core SEO principles will help your site rank in results.

  • Most Of Voice Queries Are For Local Content

The Internet Trends Report 2016 found that 22% of people use voice to search for finding local information. It makes sense because people use mobile phones on the go. Therefore, Local SEO plays a vital role in optimizing voice searches because usually, people make these kinds of searches to make an instant purchase or to find out immediate results. This usually involves searches with a location.

  • Do In-Depth research.

You want to promote your business and want to optimize it for voice search then do some research. Find out what basic question would the audience like to ask for google assistant and how they will initiate their query. For example: If you have a business of ‘Tour and Travel Agency in Delhi who is dealing with international and domestic trips’, then you need to do a survey on what people will ask and how you will make your business available to them. Here, as per my survey, long tail keywords would be like

Which is a best-touring company in Delhi” or “what is the price for Mauritius tour” or “what is the best package for Switzerland tour”, here you can see that people would either like to know the best price or the best company because their search is with the intent to make a deal.

  • Claim your Google My Business listing.

As we saw earlier, the voice search sees a high number of hyper-local queries. Want an easy way to help your customers find you? Share your business information in your site’s footer in simple text format. That is where users are accustomed to seeing it.

  •   Make your Website Mobile Friendly

This is as important as finding the perfect keyword to do SEO. Most of the voice queries are due to mobile and this has no doubt and no need for survey results to prove. We all are well aware that because of the easy availability of smartphone and facility of google assistance over there is resulted in the exponential increase in these kinds of queries. So, it is really important to make your website highly responsive.

  • Answers FAQs of Users

Try to collect more and more queries through voice for your business. Once you get to know the phrases and questions asks to find your business, then this world will be yours. Try to answer more and more Frequently Asked Questions of users. This is the best way to find your customers. Finding the questions of your audience and answering them through blog posts will not help with voice search alone. It is also highly profitable. People will find more relevant information in their style and they will generate trust in your business. So fed up they will more and more useful information.

  • Bottom Line

After concluding all, I want to say that no one can clearly estimate that what will be future of voice searches, but as per the present trend, it is continually gaining more attraction of users and no sign of the downfall. It’s going to be good for marketers who understand the power of voice search and start optimizing their content for it. If you have not started yet, then think over it and start doing it right now. If you need an assistant for it, then do contact our digital marketing experts at Binary Data Private Limited.