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An awesome User Experience is something which will enhance the interest of customers by improving usability, efficiency, and accessibility of your website. Also, it will make your website’s visitor stay for long and make an indirect appeal to purchase the products and services offered by you. But, here the question arises is what are the principles that can help a designer to create better UX design that will increase the conversion rates.

Here, in this post, I am going to discuss some key factors that play an imperative role in UX designing process.


  • Appealing Call To Action (CTA) Button

A clear and attractive Call To Action (CTA) button must be present in all your website pages. This button has the power to take the visitor towards the conversion. It has been observed that the CTA button on each page of the website is directly proportional to the conversion rate. Color and content of CTA button should be alluring and appealing. Here are some tips:

  • Here, selection of colors matters to make your CTA button standout and depict the prominence. Therefore, choose contrasting colors for CTA as compare to whole website color scheme.
  • Content on this button can lead the visitor towards the action. That’s why try to be careful while writing content. It should action-oriented, precise and appealing.

The text of Call To Action Button should not exceed five words and the message should be clear in these limited words and characters.


  • Engaging Theme

So you have invested much time and a lot of efforts to build creative and out-of-the-box theme but traffic at your site is still the same. Now, you are thinking where is the problem. Well, the answer is an engaging theme, your platform needs a comprehensive site build-up. All the website visitors are looking for interesting products, related stories, optimum use of colors to fade or objectify a point and most important easy navigation. Build all the above-mentioned features in your website to make it stunning and user engaging.


Work On Your 404 Errors.


What happens if someone is searching for a specific page of your website, but lands on 404 Error page? Of course, he will get frustrated and try to search for another site offering the same services. So, why let him go? We should start working on 404 error to reduce inconvenience to the users. Moreover, if in case, the user still lands on a 404 error page, then try to keep this friendly and appealing.


  • Good Page Responsiveness

What if someone clicks on your website’s link but it takes too long to open it? He will lose trust and interest in your website. On an average, if it takes more than two seconds to load your website, the user will abandon your website and switch to your competitors link. Remember, just improving the page load speed of the website for desktop is not enough. It is important to optimize for mobile users as well. With the mobile-first approach being promoted by Google, optimizing and designing your web page for mobile users has to be done without fail.


Sum Up


Attracting the audience for your website is not enough until and unless they convert into your customer. So, A great User Experience is not just about providing useful information. Rather, it includes providing useful information in an engaging and pleasing manner. User Experience is something which will make the interest of users in your services and make an indirect appeal to buy your products and services.