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On 26th October 2015, Internet Giant -Google has confirmed the existence of Rank-Brain. It is cored part of Google’s search algorithm which uses machine learning technique to dig out most relevant search results. Google wants to give awesome search engine experience to its users in the least amount of time. Therefore, Google changes their search algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. It is approximately twice a day, isn’t it amazing?

Let’s Go Deep Inside The Concept Of Rank-Brain Algorithm

Gone were days when more & more keywords had been used to optimize the ranking in Google search results. This practice introduced the term keyword stuffing. After that Google updates its algorithm and introduced Rank-Brain and Hummingbird- latest in a long line of search algorithms.

Rank-brain is known as the google’s third most ranking signal. Now, what does that means? Let’s make it simple- Rankbrain now searches for the concept rather than looking for keywords. In traditional search techniques, Google tries to look for matching words in your query. But now Rank-Brain tries to actually figure out what you mean. You know, like a human does.

But my question is How? By matching never-before-seen keywords to keywords that Google has seen before.

Before 2015, Google implements the Rankbrain in less than 15% of searches. But it was observed that by implementing Rankbrain algorithm, search results are more organic and helpful to the user. Therefore, Google started implementing it in almost every search. It’s paying very close attention to how you interact with the search results.

Specifically, it’s looking at:

  • Organic Click-Through-Rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pogo-sticking

These are known as user experience signals (UX signals). And of course, Rankbrain can take a standoff in understanding new keywords. And it can also twist itself algorithm. But how does rankbrain knows that the search results are optimum for the user or not? Well, User enters the query for search in Google, after this Rankbrain translate the keyword into concepts and shows the relevant results for that concept. If that page satisfies the user than Google will rank that page otherwise Google will try another page next time.

After discussing all about the Rank-brain-optimizing looks difficult. So I suggest you to always try to unique & worthy content which sounds natural and finally hit the target.