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Everyone is well aware of the term ‘Logo’ but very few of them know about its importance and role in business success. But still I want to start with the definition of Logo- “It is a combination of text and visual imagery that serves two purposes. It reflects about the name of the company and it creates a visual symbol”. In many cases, the symbol is so appealing that it does not require a text to represent because the alone graphical mark is doing that task.

Give a look around you, observe how many logos are there? If you ask this question from me then I can observe 5 logos around me- DELL on my PC and Keyboard, Apple on my Processing system, Mi on my phone, Vodafone on my Sim, Compaq on my keyboard.

Have you observed one thing common in all these is that they all are a big brand and I can bet on this that you all are aware with their logos and still have their pictures in your mind?

See the power of an appealing logo!

Have you ever wondered why every big business have their own and unique logo?

The answer is simple, Logo creates an unforgettable identity of your business in the consumer’s mind. An attractive logo has the potential to influence the thinking of customer and change their thought process.

Let’s discuss the power of logo in detail and why it is important for every business.


  • Act as the front face of a business or service

The main purpose of the logo is to create a unique identity.  The logo is used to act as a front face for us in this whole world. This is why a designer must go through the complete description of the company before starting the designing process.


  • Instant Brand Recognition

Psychology says a picture with good color combination and nice design can create a memorable impression in a person’s mind. As shapes and images are easy to memorize than words. Therefore, if the business have unique identity in the marketplace it’s easy to find and identify the company once again to purchase its services.

  • Potential To Change Customer’s Mind

All the shapes, colors and fonts create specific emotions in our mind. Immediately after looking at the logo we start giving judgments about it-whether we like it or not. Therefore, with the help of a logo, we can create a unique connection of consumer with the business behind it.

The logo should represent the real values of the business. If your company’s logo looks too expensive, too corporate, too fun, or too radical you will be going to lose a big section of consumers of your business. Try to make your logo impressive, engaging and appealing.

  • Good First Impression

The logo can create a good first impression of your business. As there are millions of businesses in the world, a company has one chance to impress and attract. If the logo design fails to impress onlookers in today’s internet driven world it’s very easy to go elsewhere.

  • Tells the Brand value

The logo can be leveraged to communicate the right message to the customers. Just make sure to keep it simple or I must say that stick to just the one key idea. This will work for you. Reflects the positivity through your design so that people get motivated and start taking interest in your business.

  • Summary

Above listed 5 reasons are stronger enough to tell you that the logo is important for your business. So don’t wait and contact the best designers of Binary Data Pvt. Ltd.