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You are here because you are unable to decide which platform is best for your business website. Well, it is a common concern for all business owners to choose the best. This chaos has created due to the availability of various website builders and all platforms are highly competitive with good features but obviously, we want to choose the best for us.

Let me clear your all doubts and help you to come out with a clear solution. Before the start, I want to share some facts and figure with you. This Platform was originally introduced for blogging purpose but later on, it was started to build websites. Do you know that at present Word-Press is a source of more than 26% websites over the world? More than 75 billion websites are powered by this platform. I also want to name some renowned websites which are running on Word-Press platform- like BBC America, The New York, and Tech Crunch. Do you dream of being like them?

I think these statistics have accelerated your interest in Word-Press platform.

Want to know more about it? Just go through some of the points which I have listed below that will help you to decide whether this platform is optimum for your website or not.

  • Cost Nothing : Budget is a priority for every business owner and they are all looking for cost reduction whenever possible. But of course, you just do not want to compromise with quality for just a few cents.

Fortunately, Word Press is here to fulfill all your requirements! : It is an open source and freely available source to all but still, we need to do some initial investment for the domain name, hosting plans and Word Press theme. These small investments can be easily covered up with high profits earned. It is open source code, therefore, it is also plus point for you as it allows to alter its code as per your desires.

  • Search Engine Friendly : Every business owner wants to rank high in google search results. So here is the good news for you, Word Press websites are SEO friendly. You can grab a valuable place for your business in the online market through the Word Press website.
  • Highly flexible : Due to the adaptable nature of Word Press websites, it can be used according to our needs with the help of extensions and plugins. This website can be adjusted for various purposes, such as for a small business website, as a website for CMS, personal blog or online store.
  • Secure and safe ; As Word Press popularity is growing day by day, therefore, it also attracts the interest of hackers. But thanks to the security features of this platform, these websites can’t be easily hacked by users. It’s CMS and plugins are constantly updated by the Word Press members. 
  • Customization : Every business owner wants to show his work in a unique style. Therefore the Word-Press presents your customized themes so that you can change the appearance of your website the way you want. These themes are free of cost but in case you want more, there are some Premium themes that charge you a few pennies.
  • Schedule Posts : Word Press allows you to set the schedule for your posts to publish. This helps you to write your information for one time and set the timing to publish the content at specific times of the day or throughout various days. It will provide you convenience for posting your content in the time slot when you receive a large amount of traffic at your website.