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Have you heard that Yii 2.0.16 version has been released? It is all new with the latest features that will stun you. This is a web application development framework that uses PHP in order to develop web 2.0 applications. Yii 2.0 Beta is a complete rewrite of Yii 1.1, the current stable version. It is a Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, making it easier for the developers to change each part without affecting the other. Yii is an acronym for “Yes It Is”, This is a framework of PHP web application, and an object-oriented and open source web development framework. If you want to have your next application with this framework, then contact the experienced PHP web developers of Binary Data in Halifax, Canada.

What is the features that made Yii 2.0 special? Please have a look.

Here I am going to explain 7 different features of Yii that help the developer to handle the complicated projects with ease.

  • Easy Installation

The long installation process is just a waste of time and no one wants to spend their precious time on a complicated installation process. In Yii framework, installation is handled using Composer. This makes installation faster and simpler.

  • Uses Latest Technologies.

Yii makes use of all latest and advanced features of PHP framework such as late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions. All the core classes are now name spaced. The class names do not use the “C” prefix. The use of Name space improves the way Yii codes are written avoiding or limiting ambiguity in class names. The Yii class loader lets the developers use any core class of Yii without explicitly including that class file.

  • Highly Extensible

The most interesting feature of this framework is that it can be tailored as per the requirement. All the components of the framework are virtually extensible.

  • Helps In Testing Procedure.

As yii is connected with the co deception, therefore, it encourages the testing process. Here, this co deception simplifies the process of creating the unit, functional and acceptance tests for your application.

  • Highly Secure

Security plays a crucial role in all the application and the good thing is that Yii2 has come with some great security features that can help you in ease your mind. These features help in exploring various methods that can create more secure applications. Some of the methods are explained below:

  • Generate Password Hash: Creates a secure hash from a password and a random salt.
  • Generate Random Key: Permits to create a string of variable length.


  • Quick Accomplishment

This framework speeds up the development process and helps in the quick accomplishment of the project. Yii is comprised of various tools that can help you spend less time on various tasks and more time in tailoring your application to fit your clients’ expectation.

For instance: Gii is one of the tools that speed up the development cycle. This tool is highly configurable.

  • Optimize Speed Of Application.

A slow website can force your visitors to lose their interest in it and move to another website because slow speed creates disgruntled users. Therefore, Yii has provided several tools that can speed out of the application. Yii currently supports database and file system caching, as well as APC, Memcache, Redis, WinCache, XCache, and Zend Data Cache.


After discussing all the latest features of Yii framework, it is clear you can create modern web applications quickly, and also they will perform well. You can easily use most of its features exactly as they are provided, or you can modify each one to suit your needs.